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New Arrivals in our shop

Год издания: 2009
This guide is the ideal companion for everyone - overseas visitors as well as locals - who chooses a driving holiday as the best way to discover the diversity of scenery and other tourist attractions to be found in Ukraine.

There is no need to buy dozens of maps because the guide contains:
24 plan-schemes of the regional centers
43 map-schemes of highways counted on 2 -3-day trips for the whole family
70 illustrated motor-car routes through Ukrainian cities and regions
1000 illustrations in full color:
1123 pearls of Ukrainian architecture
78 fortresses and castles
52 palaces and park-palace complexes
255 churches and cloisters
576 pages of irrefragable information:
257 museums and scansens
20 reserves and natural parks
300 hotels, motels, and recreation centers
355 restaurants and coffee-houses




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